Architectural & Construction Industry

Raise the bar in presentation and file sharing

Kontainer is the ideal tool for the architectural and construction industry. Kontainer supports the delivery, exchange and presentation of your files, images or video material to customers, the press or others.

In Kontainer you get a tool that you always have at your fingertips. Kontainer can be used either in web format or as app on phone or tablet. The user-friendly design supports fast upload of images and files to your Kontainer, as well as easy user rights management. That way, you can make sure the right files and images are available to the right people. Additionally, you have the option to correct, download and comment on the material in the Kontainer.

Your customized file archive

Kontainer is designed to appear as an integral part of your own website with your profile, logo and visual identity. In Kontainer you can upload pictures, videos, etc. as well as manage access to the various external users as needed. Typically, individual customers will have download rights to the individual images for a certain period of time, and can then be invoiced thereafter.
Kontainer differs in many ways from alternative file exchange, such as Dropbox, and started as a specially developed system for photographers. However, since 2001, we have developed the platform to assist many other industries. However, we know in particular the photographers’ needs for the leg.

"Kontainer has been an invaluable help and a piece of professional tool that I have greatly appreciated in my work. It has enabled me to deliver images to my customers in a professional, flexible, easy and fast way. Kontainer has my warmest recommendations."


Always at your fingertips

Kontainer mobile allows you to work with Kontainer, even when on the move. You can upload, share and send photos, videos and files, as well as use all other file sharing features that are also available on the Digital Asset Management System, Kontainer.
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