Media & Entertainment

Exchange of heavy film, video and audio clips, in many different formats, to many different collaborators

The media industry’s major challenges with file storage and file sharing among many involved parties are easily solved with Kontainer. Within the film and television industry, it has always been a challenge to exchange, present and comment on individual recordings, send them back with suggestions, corrections and own input. Very often there are several parties involved in the process.

Both producer, instructor, sound engineer, movie cutter, possibly advertising agency and customers must have access to the entire material, but with differentiated access privileges. With Kontainer, you get the optimal file sharing and presentation tool.

Converting video formats

Kontainer contains a simple conversion tool so that all movie formats can be easily converted into various common formats: QuickTime, Windows Media and Flash, etc. From there, it is easy and quick to send direct links to movie clips, raw material or a finished production by email or post a view on the website.

Folder Management

In Kontainer, the film and television companies can create a folder for each project and make sure that only those individuals associated with the project have access to that folder. It can be exchanged, presented and commented on versions of movie clips, casting images, location images, production plans, mailing lists, audio files, soundtracks, etc.


In Kontainer, it’s also easy to hear a sound clip or watch a movie clip preview, making sure it’s the right version before it’s downloaded.

The optimal tool for music companies and independent artists

Today, music companies and independent artists, in connection with a music release, need to share material with far more internal and external collaborators than before. Competition is tougher than ever and it’s all about being professional throughout. Kontainer ensures professional and secure handling of files when exchanging music, photos, music videos, promotional videos, production plans, artwork, press releases and much more between the parties involved.

In Kontainer, the music company, the studio or the individual artist can create a folder for each music release, and from there make sure that the relevant individuals, associated with the individual releases, have access to the appropriate folders and subfolders. Here you can exchange and present versions of tracks, music files, audio files, press pictures, production plans, mailing lists and more. Kontainer makes it easy and straightforward to hear a sound clip or watch a preview of a music video so you can see that it’s the right version before it’s downloaded.


Easy and fast archiving, download and sharing

Kontainer is the ideal tool for photographers to deliver, exchange or present images or video material to the customer, the agency or others. Upload the files to Kontainer, and you will see who can view, correct, download or comment on the material. Kontainer is designed to appear as an integral part of your own website with your profile, logo and visual identity. In Kontainer you can upload pictures, videos, etc. as well as manage access to the various external users as needed. Typically, individual customers will have download rights to the individual images for a certain period of time, and can then be invoiced thereafter.


Alternative file exchange

Kontainer beats alternative file exchange systems in many ways and started as a specially developed system for photographers. Since 2001, however, we have developed the program to assist many other industries as well, but we know the photographers’ needs for the leg. In addition to award-winning photographer Joachim Ladefoged, the famous photojournalist Ricky Molloy and not least Steen Evald, Crown Prince’s favorite portrait photographer, are daily users of the Kontainer.