Integrate Kontainer with your company’s other systems and save time on a daily basis

A Digital Asset Management system that can easily be integrated

Integrer Kontainer med andre systemer

Whether it be a CMS, CRM ERP, applications or any other communication- or resource system, usually Kontainer can be integrated. With integration to Kontainer as DAM system your internal and external work procedures will be optimized. Kontainer is your safety that the correct version of your pictures, logos and files is shared and exposed on your company’s different channels.

Kontainer - Online picture archive

System integration

You can link Kontainer to any kind of current or future system setup – we don’t discriminate. Our developers will look into your current system or future plans and goals. In that way we will find the best way to integrate Kontainer.

Kontainer API

Kontainer API was developed to insure our customers a flexible and fully automated user experience. This expansion can for instance be used to automatically generate correct picture to a web shop – cropped, changed and in proper format. Regardless of size or volume, our API will get the job done!

Examples of CMS systems Kontainer can be integrated with

If you wish to use your company's images directly on websites or webshops, it is possible to make an integration. It allows images to be downloaded directly from Kontainer and used as an image resource in the CMS system.
Kontainer - Sitecore integration
Kontainer - Umbraco integration
Kontainer - WordPress integration
Kontainer - Drupal integration
Kontainer - Joomla integration
Kontainer - SharePoint integration
Kontainer - Magento integration
Kontainer - EpiServer integration

High performance and load time

First and foremost Kontainer was designed with usability and functionality as key elements. As a result unnecessary delay isn’t acceptable. Kontainer will assure you a tool that supports your workflows and doesn’t work against you. A system that works as fast as you do!

Single sign-on and Active directory

Kontainer offers several single sign-on configurations. A “single sign-on” provides the user the opportunity to log into their network or systems, without having to log into every side individually, while being logged into their preferred (web) applications.
Kontainer - Integration

CMS plugins

Our CMS plugins is a real time saver! Link Kontainer to your CMS, and choose the correct pictures to add to your intranet or website in only a few seconds. We are able to create plugins to all the major CMS systems, including Drupal, Mura, Sitecore, Hippo og WordPress. Furthermore we would love to integrate Kontainer into your company’s customized CMS.

Examples of systems and platforms that integrate with Kontainer

Kontainer - Salesforce integration
Kontainer - Google Docs integration
Kontainer - Office365 integration
Kontainer - inRiver integration
Kontainer - Dropbox integration
Kontainer - MS NAV integration
Kontainer - MS CRM integration
Kontainer - Adobe integration