Integrate Kontainer with your other systems and save time every day

A Digital Asset Management system and Product data hub that can be easily integrated

Integrer Kontainer med andre systemer

With integration to Kontainer DAM or PIM, your internal and external workflows are optimized, so you get increased data quality, minimization of errors and the fastest possible workflow without duplication of work. Whether it is your CMS, CRM, ERP, PIM, newsletter system etc. Kontainer can be integrated via API

Examples of integrations
Kontainer - Integrations

Automation of metadata creation

In Kontainer, any number of attributes can be added to a file. After this, files can be bulk enriched and edited, but metadata can also be added automatically to files whose data already exists in eg ERP, PIM or on a webshop. Connect data via web service integration, or simply auto synchronize of data from eg a CSV file from another system. Metadata can be language versioned and exposed to specific user segments in Kontainer.
Kontainer - API

API developer resources

Kontainer has a full RESTful API to both our Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution, so that our customers and their suppliers can develop strong integrations from Kontainer to eg webshops, CMS, B2B portals, ERP and PIM. We are always happy to help with both advice and development. Contact us for a chat about the possibilities or visit our API developer portal.

Examples of systems and platforms that integrate with Kontainer

Kontainer - Salesforce integration
Kontainer - Google Docs integration
Kontainer - Office365 integration
Kontainer - inRiver integration
Kontainer - Dropbox integration
Kontainer - MS NAV integration
Kontainer - MS CRM integration
Kontainer - Adobe integration
Hosting & Performance

Adobe plugin in DAM

Use the Kontainer Adobe plugin and work with files from Kontainer DAM directly in Photoshop, InDesign etc. without first having to download the files. With integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, it is easy and fast to work and use files without delay
Kontainer - Single Sign on

Login with SSO, AD etc.

Kontainer offers multiple single sign-on configurations. "Single sign-on" allows the user to log in directly to Kontainer with the same user as on their own client. User groups in Kontainer are autosynchronized with the customer's AD groups.
Kontainer - Integrations

Microsoft Office plugin

Search, crop, convert images in Kontainer and download them directly from Powerpoint, Word or other Office programs without downloading the image first. With the "Download file from Kontainer" function in Office, your workflows are significantly optimized

Examples of CMS systems Kontainer can be integrated with

Get images and product data directly on the website or webshops language versioned, cropped, named and tagged as desired. Using our API, it is possible to create integration that retrieves, processes and places images, video and product data directly from Kontainer to CMS and e-commerce platforms.
Kontainer - Sitecore integration
Kontainer - Umbraco integration
Kontainer - WordPress integration
Kontainer - Drupal integration
Kontainer - Joomla integration
Kontainer - SharePoint integration
Kontainer - Magento integration
Kontainer - EpiServer integration

Integrating PIM or DAM?

Digital Showroom
Automatic enrichment of metadata from ERP and PIM via CVS files
Kontainer - GDPR
GDPR-approved, secure and differentiated sharing for partners, dealers, agents etc.
Kontainer - SoMe
Adobe integration ensures that creatives can spend time creating rather than file sharing
Kontainer - Integrations
Fully automated webshop integration of product data, product images and other data from ERP