Improve your ROI with a DAM integration to your webshop

Push your product and lookbook images automatically to your different channels and webshop with an integration to Kontainer – Digital Asset Management

Jesper Sandberg / CEO, Kontainer

What is DAM and how it can improve your revenue?

In a changeable market with a growing demand from customers to acquire the latest collections and news leaves a massive pressure on the retail business.

An Image bank is your portal to store, edit, archive and share your product images, video material, lookbook, collection and other files.

Kontainer enables you to share files in almost every format available for preview, editing and/or download – you’ll be able to control the user rights. Who should see what and have which rights?

Baum und Pferdgarten uses Kontainer - Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management – is it the answer to all of your dreams?

It actually might be if you’d like to save time and gain more flexibility and control over your digital files, such as images, logos, videos and other files. So what would you gain by choosing a DAM system?

One central system to manage all your product images, video material, logos, documents and other content – easy & convenient!

  • Aligned guidelines for usage of your files
  • A complete statistical overview of downloads and uses of your files
  • Rights managed file sharing – never losing control of your files
  • All in all you’ll save time and resources

“Our goal is to create the best solution for your business. Through customized functionality and integrations for your existing systems, such as your webshop, we can create the optimal tool for you. “ – Jesper Sandberg / CEO, Kontainer

The optimal marketing platform for sharing material with distributors and influencers

Kontainer can always be customized so the appearance of your Kontainer is consistent with your visual brand identity. That way, you can use Kontainer as a digital showroom, where you can easily present your latest collections in the form of; images, packshots, logos, product images, press releases and much more. Kontainer provides you with a quick overview of product images and press material in your Kontainer, and secure and easy sharing of material with the relevant parts of your network. You always have 100% visual control!

“What Kontainer offers as a Digital Asset Management system”

Kontainer is a Danish Digital Asset Management with more than 350 companies as customers. As the leading Digital Asset Management system in Scandinavia, Kontainer makes it easy for you and your colleagues to find, use and reuse files. Kontainer offers a customized platform that will display your company brand guidelines and can even be integrated with your other systems.