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Advanced Media Search
The advanced search function searches all metadata and can be customized
Advanced User Permissions
Assign differentiated rights at user or group level
Brand URL & look
Customize Kontainer with your own logo, colors and URL
Collections Management
Use Collections to select files and comment on them
Comment Tool
Use the comment track on files to communicate with partners
Digital Showroom
Put together beautiful & elegant presentations within minutes!
Local File Browsing
Kontainer gives you the option of local file browsing
Marketing Download sets
Pre-set size, quality & format of downloads in your won templates
Notifications Tool
Get notified when changes are made to files you follow
Office & Adobe plugins
Easily use images directly from Office and Adobe applications
Quick Sharing
Select, edit & share your files through login or email within a few seconds
SoMe Image Tool
Edit & post your photos to social media directly from Kontainer
Track login, downloads and user behavior directly from Kontainer
Tag Management
Tag files in a way that makes sense to you. Later, search & find via your tags
File Preview
Preview +100 file formats with autogenerated thumbnails incl. videos
ADFS Single Sign-On
With an AD integration for groups, you ensure that everyone in your organization has the correct access to Kontainer.
CMS & webshop Integration
Get direct syncing of auto-processed images or image links with a CMS and webshop integration.
Custom Fields/PIM
Customized fields for product data e.g. with an integration to ERP and PIM according to your needs.
Receive Files from Suppliers
Easily receive images and files directly in your Kontainer from e.g. suppliers or photographers.
Sales Presentation Tool
Make it easy for your sales representatives to gain access to the latest sales material, presentations, mailing and follow-up.
Statement of Consent Binding
Consent creation, automatic binding and renewal, etc.
All in one solution

Integrated image editing

With our built-in conversion and editing tools, all of your image management is simplified. You get the opportunity to edit, convert and crop images directly in Kontainer. Subsequently, you can share pictures with individual users or user groups via login or email. Easy & elegant image bank.
Do you need Kontainer to work with your existing systems? No problem! Kontainer can be integrated with most other systems such as CMS.

Save time

Integrations to fit your workflow

Whether it be a CMS, CRM ERP, applications or any other communication- or resource system, usually Kontainer can be integrated. With integration to Kontainer as DAM system your internal and external work procedures will be optimized. Kontainer is your safety that the correct version of your pictures, logos and files is shared and exposed on your company’s different channels.

Get tips & tricks on:

Digital Showroom
Organization of images, video, files, logos, press releases, etc.
Kontainer - GDPR
GDPR-approved, secure and differentiated sharing with business partners, the press, agents, etc.
Kontainer - SoMe
Instagram and webshop export and crop tool
Kontainer - Integrations
Integration of images into CMS, B2B, ERP, PIM and email marketing systems

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