Become part of Kontainer's partner program

Benefits of Kontainer's partner program

Offer unique service to your customers

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering your customers the strongest DAM solution on the market. More than 350+ brands worldwide are already using Kontainer’s advanced DAM software. Through many years of experience and close cooperation with our customers, Kontainer is designed with the most current and useful functions based on the market’s wishes and needs. Add Kontainer to your product portfolio and offer your customers the most stable and used DAM system.

How it works
Kontainer - More Business

More business opportunities

We make sure you and your team are able to configure Kontainer. This allows you to customize solutions to suit your customers' needs.
Kontainer - Revenue

Recurring revenue

As a partner, you will earn a percentage of your project's income and thus earn a recurring income through your customers' subscriptions.
Kontainer - Database Access

Get access to our database

Through our extensive database you can draw on various resources, including: knowledge, clients, networks and events.
Kontainer - Promoted

Get promoted

As part of the Kontainer Partner Program, you will be exposed on our website and marketplace as a reliable and credible partner.
Kontainer - One Step Ahead

One step ahead

By offering an agile DAM platform, your company will be able to differentiate itself and offer your clients the best solution on the market.
Kontainer - Onboarding

Expand your services

Become part of Kontainer's partner program and expand your service and customer opportunities by offering the market's best DAM solution.
Become the next DAM expert

4 steps towards becoming a partner

1. Qualification
At start-up, we focus on identifying the basis of our cooperation. Based on this, a workshop is organized with a review of cases and sharing of knowledge and experiences. The main focus will be to present what Kontainer can do for your business.

2. Agreement
A partner agreement is signed, including a confidentiality agreement. The purpose is to ensure that both parties have a fixed framework for the cooperation and can speak freely.

3. Preparation
Staff is trained with a focus on preparing them to present Kontainer. We will also discuss how our product can be used for resale and the configuration of Kontainer. After this phase, your business will be ready to consult and improve your product portfolio.

4. Ready Set Go
You are now a Kontainer partner and ready to begin our cooperation. We will keep you informed of our continuous work on improving Kontainer, as well as offering advice and tips in the sales process of Kontainer. We also gladly participate in customer meetings, workshops and seminars and give access to our knowledge library.

Selected partners

Prepared for the task

Kontainer is a recognized DAM system with more than 18 years of experience in the industry. We want to utilize our experience to best suit you as a Kontainer partner. We will arrange workshops and make all material including cases and videos available to you. In this way, you will be prepared to present Kontainer to your customers.
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