Digital Asset Management (DAM System) How can it create value for your company?

A well-functioning DAM (Digital Asset Management) system is inevitable if your company wants to organize and share your digital assets in the most optimal way.

In this blog post we will go through the features of a DAM system and how these features create value for your company.

What is a DAM system?

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is a type of software, which enables your company to collect all your digital assets in one place. That is why a DAM system is a great tool for you, who e.g., works in the marketing department or in a design company.

A Digital Asset Management system makes it easier to organize, find, retrieve, and share digital content in your company. The system basically works as a file-bank, where you control who can access it. Among the most common features of a DAM system are: file tagging, advanced search function, crop tools, and conversion tools.


In sum, a DAM system makes all your digital assets easily accessible for all employees, customers, and partners. At the same time, it saves your company a lot of time and resources, which can be spend on more important things.

What are digital assets?

Digital assets are in principle all kinds of files that can be stored digitally, to share, publish and work with the content both internally in the company and with external partners. When you think about it, there are in fact almost no departments in a typical company that do not use digital assets in one way or another.


A few examples of digital assets:

  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Presentations
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The use of digital assets

Whether you are in communications departments or HR, you will most likely work with digital assets.

Therefore, it is of course important to have a platform that makes it possible to quickly search, collaborate and share digital assets across departments in the company.

A good DAM system is important to have because it will offer your business value in a number of different points. The great advantage of a DAM system is that you save time on tasks that do not give you value.

With a DAM system, you save time so that your employees can focus on what they are best at.

How a DAM system creates value:

Advanced Media Search

Optimization of your file search

The time spend on searching for files can be allocated to the things you excel in. This will give you more efficient and important employees.

Hosting & Performance

Reduce time-to-market

A DAM system makes it easier for employees to find and share asset, and your employees can optimize their workflows in regard to producing new content and making this process faster. Thus, you will be able to launch new content faster than before.
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Aligned brand identity

A Digital Asset Management system makes it easy and simple to share visual material such as videos, photos, graphics etc. with the press and retailers. And when you for example update a logo and upload it to your DAM system, all employees can access this new version. This allows you to avoid sharing old, outdated or wrong versions of the logo.

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Avoid missing files

When you work with many files the risk of one of them disappearing is greater. And if you have already spent many hours editing a picture or creating a graphic then it is inconvenient if you have to start over because the file is lost. You do not have to worry about this when implementing a DAM system. When the file is in the system, it is safe here and easy to find again.

An improved bottom line

A study from 2015 by the International Data Corporation (IDC) from 2015 indicated how the respondents of IDC’s survey experienced significant improvements after implementing a DAM system:

  • 79% increased their revenue with 10% or more
  • 97% decreased costs associated with creation of content with 10% or more
  • 86% reduced the risk of unauthorized use of asset, wrong use of asset, or violations of intellectual property rights with 10% or more
  • 97% increased their productivity with 10% or more.

What are the features of a DAM system?

A DAM system is a popular tool in many companies due to the features of the system, which can save your employees a lot of valuable time.

A Digital Asset Management system makes filesharing extremely easy. You can easily share files through the system and avoid having to attach files via email or other file-sharing websites.

In addition, you can easily control user rights and permissions on your files, so access to files is only granted the intended people.

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Easy and simple organizing of files

A DAM system allows you to have all your files gathered in one place, in an easy and secure way. Organize your files in a way that makes the most sense to you and be able to grant access to whoever may need one of your files.

Find your files in a fast and efficient way

With smart and advanced search systems you will always be able to find your files fast. You can even add metadata and tags to the files, which makes the future process of finding files even faster.

Publication is easier than ever

Through build-in publication tools, you can publish everything directly from the same platform. All your content is gathered in the DAM system and from here you can easily post it on your social media or upload it to your CMS.

When should we consider a DAM system?

Generally speaking, acquiring a DAM system should be considered whether your company is a start-up or you are a global brand. Regardless of the size of your company, a well-functioning DAM system will save you resources.

A DAM system would be a good solution for your company, if one or more of the following statements below are familiar to you.

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Is it too ressource demanding to retrieve files?

If it takes you more than a couple of seconds to find a given file, it is likely you spend an unnecessary amount of time searching for files. Advanced tools in a DAM system makes it easier to find and share files, and your employees avoid wasting their time on file search.
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Do you experience bottlenecks in your creative processes?

A DAM system enables you to optimize your workflows so nobody will be in doubt about which part of the process you are undertaking, and what the next step is. The system supports workflows with notifications to relevant people when new file versions are uploaded, when comments are added, or when a version is approved.
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Can you access your files anytime and anywhere?

Access is a determining factor for the productivity, especially as working remote has become the norm. It is therefore important that all employees have access to the material they need – regardless of where they work.

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