Kontainer supports GDPR legislation

At Kontainer, we have been working hard to become compliant with the EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR). When you choose Kontainer, you can be sure that your pictures and files are kept safe and legally correct – even in the future!

Kontainer is ISAE 3402 certified to handle strict safety requirements regarding. personal data and consent where controls and procedures are based on ISO27001 / 2 standards.

We offer all customers at Kontainer to receive an independent auditor’s statement that is renewed annually. The statement serves as proof that your photos, videos, documents and files are handled in accordance with the GDPR Regulation.

We take care of your safety

When you use Kontainer as image file and file sharing tool for organizing and sharing images, video material and important, possibly personally sensitive documents, it means that Kontainer is a data processor. As a data processor, it is our responsibility to ensure that Kontainer complies with the Personal Data Regulation.

Future-proof GDPR security

Our team of specialists is always ready to uncover the security solutions market to ensure that you get an IT security solution that protects your photos and files optimally.

Kontainer has proactive monitoring of +30 parameters per. server. For example, based on trends in our monitoring software, we can predict when resource issues arise.

Secure overview of your files

With Kontainer you have the option to monitor every single file uploaded in the system. Kontainer’s advanced statistics allow you to always monitor and track where and in what context your images and files have been used. This means that you can easily get an overview of the context in which a particular image is used.