Take control of your Product Data and save time
Product data & Images - In one place

PIM and DAM All-in-one solution

Kontainer brings together the two most important functions for suppliers and resellers in a combined Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM). Here, all product data, packshots, video, size guides and images are gathered centrally in a system where data and assets can be easily managed, edited and shared automatically to resellers, webshops, or B2B platforms via integrations or exports.
Product data & Images - In one place

PIM and DAM All-in-one solution

Kontainer brings together the two most important functions for suppliers and resellers in a combined Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM). Here, all product data, packshots, video, size guides and images are gathered centrally in a system where data and assets can be easily managed, edited and shared automatically to resellers, webshops, or B2B platforms via integrations or exports.
E-COMMERCE with PIM integration

Indispensable tool for reseller distribution

Kontainer PIM and DAM combine a modern image bank with a user-friendly platform that collects all product data, assets and translations. Minimize errors and optimize your data quality when product descriptions, tags, data, images, size guides, washing instructions, etc. collected in a system where data can be retrieved from ERP and easily delivered to resellers and online webshops via integrations, online access or manual export.


Optimize your sales & marketing with PIM

With Kontainer, you will achieve measurable streamlining of your internal processes, security for the best possible data quality and professionalization of your sales and marketing.
By gathering your product information, images and files in one system, you will experience that:

  • You can more quickly meet potential customers with information and material
  • You can easily differentiate and deliver data and images based on the individual customer’s order or requirements for data, image sizes, etc. (without more work for you)
  • Share direct links to download selected packshots, lifestyle pictures and product data can be downloaded with a few clicks
  • You open the door to international trade & growth by handling translations directly in PIM
  • You get a DAM system for tasks such as image cropping, SoMe export, image links and elegant landing pages
Give dealers exactly what they want

As you grow out of Excel and Dropbox

A PIM system is centralized data management and automated synchronization of information, data and images, possibly. in several different languages. A system that reduces errors and inconsistencies and ensures that customers, dealers and webshops get exactly the data and assets they require, whether it is 14 fields in Spanish or 23 fields tailored to the individual dealer.

Kontainer ensures that your product information and data are automatically linked to the right packshots, videos and specification files.
Last but not least, with 24/7 availability of information, data and images, in the cloud, you will ensure that all relevant people can always access the data they need (with the right user settings. In this way, you ensure that your customers, fellow dealers always have relevant material at hand, no matter where in the world they are located.

Countless features in the same PIM & DAM tool
User-friendly features that ensure that product data and assets are created, enriched and shared professionally
Product data
Product information
Collects all your data management, whether it is SKU numbers, prices, colors, materials, sizes, product names, descriptions, technical descriptions, targets or eg texts on social media.
Kontainer - Integrations
With custommade integrations you can spare a lot of time and become more agile. Create a fully automatically setup with integrations for e.g. your ERP and CMS.
Kontainer - User Permissions
User permissions
Create and set user or group level permissions with our User Management. You can manage which users have access to specific folders, PIM products or material in Kontainer.
Create lists automatically
Price and order lists
From Kontainer PIM you can auto-generate price lists, order lists or lists with specific product data. The lists can be downloaded or shared as needed directly from the system.
Several languages
Product data can be easily translated from the PIM system and you can give external access to a specific language for translation of fields.
Packshots, video and photos
Kontainer DAM and PIM can handle all media formats eg photos, videos, PDF, Excel and Word files, catalogs, size guides and more.
Improve your SEO
Improved SEO
Improve your visibility towards the search engines by making sure all your images, videos and other material is associated with the correct keywords for improved search engine optimization.
ADFS Single sign-on
With an AD integration for groups, you ensure that everyone in the company has correct and single-sign-on access to the parts of Kontainer they have rights to use.
Advanced Media Search
Advanced Media Search
Advanced search function with filters on tags, file type, date range and the customer's own configured file attributes
Kontainer - Staticstics
Statistics and notifications
Statistics for login, downloads and user behavior can be retrieved directly in Kontainer. In addition, you can receive notifications when fields are missing to be filled to ensure that all product data is ready for distribution.
Kontainer - Download sets
Crop & convert file formats
Convert, crop, select color and create download formats that can be used again and again with the editing tool in Kontainer Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Data validation and quality assurance
If fields need to be filled in correctly, or if data input is inconsistent, or does not live up to the minimum requirements set on the data field, this is made visible in Kontainer PIM on filters and in summaries

"With Kontainer we’ve gained an overview of our images and a much higher degree of control over how individual images and data is used."

Collect your product data with PIM

Product Information Management (PIM)

With PIM, your company gets one unified system to handle all your product information. When have large amounts of complex data about your products, PIM is your salvation. The system helps to simplify the processes around the administration of all product data in the company.

The system distributes the product information to all the channels you use. As many webshops operate on several channels, it is an important feature that will save you both time and hassle

PIM optimizes your product information

How to secure your customers with PIM

In addition to price – good, descriptive product information can be the key to securing the customer. Because if the company does not offer much information about the given product, or if it is not particularly good, the company is no longer attractive to shop at, when there are typically many other better alternatives.

The more and the better product information you can make available to the customer, the greater the chance that the customer will be presented with your product in the first place.

Product information also plays a big role in relation to SEO, which determines how well your products rank in Google’s search results

PIM as a timesaving tool

Why invest in a PIM solution?

There are many good reasons to invest in a PIM solution. If your company experiences one or more scenarios, a PIM system will be a good investment for you:


  • You have products available in several markets and languages
  • You use you product data on several channels
  • Your product data contains a large amount of information, much of which is complex
  • You have products of very high quality and want to differentiate yourself from competitors on parameters other than price
  • You would like to give your customers a better and more cohesive experience across marketing channels
Kontainer - Global share

The IT Manager & PIM

How the IT chief benefits from a PIM system?
Make it easy for your colleagues to collaborate across departments. A central system for product data and image storage. Via API Integration, SSO with AD, and GDPR secure hosting, you achieve security when data, images and files are to be stored, processed and shared internally and externally.
Digital Showroom


How the CMO benefits from a PIM system?
Gather all marketing materials in one place and combine your creative files, data and texts. Use images from Kontainer DAM directly in Adobe CC with plugin, use the cropping tool and manage multiple languages in Kontainer PIM. A system that ensures the quality of your content, even when you share marketing material with customers, resellers and PR.

The Brand Manager & PIM

How the Brand Manager benefits from a PIM system?
Kontainer is your security for data quality when you only have a central source for all your product information. Kontainer PIM and DAM support several languages, so your communication is available 27/7 and can be differentiated per. customer.

Examples of platforms Kontainer PIM can be integrated with:

Kontainer - Magento integration
Kontainer - Salesforce integration
Kontainer - WordPress integration
Kontainer - Adobe integration
Kontainer - Drupal integration
Kontainer - SharePoint integration
Kontainer - inRiver integration
Kontainer - Umbraco integration

20 years of experience with DAM, PIM, ERP and Webshops

Behind Kontainer, which is currently used by several hundred retail companies globally, is the Copenhagen-based company with a team of 15 skilled developers who for 20 years have delivered strong and complex solutions and operation of DAM, PIM and webshops with integrations to ERP.
Contact Jesper Sandberg at js@kontainer.com for a chat about your solution.

Get tips & tricks on:

Digital Showroom
Organization and structuring of product data, languages, versions, etc.
Kontainer - GDPR
GDPR secure and differentiated data sharing with resellers
Kontainer - SoMe
Data validation can be linked to export channels and ensure data quality
Kontainer - Integrations
API Integration for your systems optimize work processes