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Document management & file archive - The market's most flexible solution

User-friendly and secure storage of files, documentation, tenders & product development workflow. Store, enrich, organize & share files in a GDPR secured DAM system

Document management & file archive - The market's most flexible solution

User-friendly and secure storage of files, documentation, tenders & product development workflow. Store, enrich, organize & share files in a GDPR secured DAM system
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GDPR complient cloud DAM, file archive and file sharing

Kontainer DAM is hosted in Denmark in two data centers with a redundant environment, failover and extended backup. Performance and safety are first priority and in addition you can enjoy features such as:
• Advanced search and filters based on file tagging
• User-differentiated access to specific folders and files, with control over whether the user can view, download, upload or delete files.
• Date management, email notifications, consent binding, etc.
• Local file drive (Webdav) so that the folders can be accessed locally on your computer rather than in a browser
• Adobe and Office integration so that assets can be used without download directly in the Adobe or Office programs from Kontainer DAM.


User-friendly and modern online tool for organizing, archiving and sharing all file types

A Digital Asset Management system like Kontainer is first and foremost optimal for handling large amounts of files and data safely, quickly and easily. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze for anyone regardless of computer skills to manage company files. In addition, Kontainer has a full API and can be integrated with your existing solutions where files can be synchronized, enriched, mirrored or used.
Replace or integrate Kontainer with local file drives, SharePoint, Dropbox, weTransfer, file drives, tender portals, etc.
With ADFS, Azure or Google SSO login, it is easy to differentiate access to view, download or use files from specific directories that the user group has access to.

Selected features
Kontainer can always be customized to fit your needs. Contact us on tel. +45 3311 2003 to hear more!
Kontainer - API
API Access
Automate your work with Kontainer's specially developed API
Kontainer - User Permissions
Advanced User Permissions
Assign differentiated view, download and upload rights and access to folders - with or without login.
Kontainer - GDPR
GDPR Compliant
Kontainer is GDPR compliant with a ISAE 3402 certification
Kontainer - File comment Tool
Comment & approval tool
Communicate about file versions via the built-in comment and approval flow incl. mail notifications
Kontainer - Local File Browsing
Local File Browsing
Kontainer gives you the option of local file browsing to access files without downloading
Kontainer - Security & Backup
Security & backup
Operated on professional cloud installation with 80 days of restoration
Kontainer - PDF
Office & Adobe integration
Easily use images directly from Office and Adobe applications, Word, Photoshop, Indesign, Powerpoint etc.
Kontainer - Large Files
Send large files through link
Select and send large files by mail via. links
Kontainer - Staticstics
Track login, downloads and user behavior directly from Kontainer

"Kontainer saves me time during the day. I would often spend a lot of time finding and sending e.g., images to our salespeople or resellers. With Kontainer, all I have to do is to make sure the media files are available in Kontainer, and our contacts can find the files they need themselve."


Optimize your IT infrastructure with Kontainer DAM

At Kontainer, the most skilled developers are ready to help you with questions such as secure login, integrations, local backup or tailored functionality. We have over 18 years of experience in implementing and integrating DAM (Digital Asset Management) with existing digital infrastructure.

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Kontainer - Integrations

Integrations & API

Container DAM has a full API and can be integrated with virtually all other systems and platforms, whether it is CMS, ERP, file drives, email marketing, CRM, PIM, etc. With our extensive experience and team of in-house developers, we enable us to assist our customers and customers' IT suppliers in integration with the vast majority of systems.
Hosting & Performance

Hosting & performance

Kontainer is hosted at 2 locations in Denmark with redundant environment and failover. Both data centers live up to all standards in engineering, cabling, cooling and security. Microservices are segmented into isolated networks. Object storage is also redundant with mirroring between data centers. The network backbone is 40 Gbit.
Kontainer - GDPR

GDPR & backup

At Kontainer, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. We are therefore GDPR compliant with an ISAE 3402 auditor's endorsement made by PWC. We always offer a 90-day recovery opportunity. In addition, we are always ready to support you, and answer any questions you may have regarding safety, operation or anything else.

Get advice and help for:

Digital Showroom
Organization and advanced automatic file tagging and advanced search
Kontainer - GDPR
GDPR-approved, secure and differentiated sharing for partners
Kontainer - SoMe
ADFS, Webdav, Office and Adobe integration
Kontainer - Integrations
Detailed and differentiated rights management of user groups