Security and backup

100% assurance that your files are securely archived and shared

We know that corporate digital assets have huge value, and a loss of these can have costly consequences. Kontainer is therefore operated via Copenhost in Copenhagen, and from there daily backup of all customer accounts is made with 80 days recovery. This means that should you by mistake delete files or entire folders, we are able find them again within 80 days.

Operated at several locations in Copenhagen

Copenhost has rack cabinets divided into 2 locations. The main location is in Colt, Telecom’s data center in the South Harbor. The center meets all standards of technology, cabling, cooling and security for modern data centers. The Failover location is Nianet’s data center in Glostrup, which also meets all standards in modern data centers.

The network is divided into VLANs, where different customers are segmented from each other. Switching takes place via the HP Procurve series with Dual 10 GB interfaces for the ESXi and 1 GB for the rest of the equipment.

No interruptions

VMware vSphere 5.5 Enterprise has been installed on all physical servers. This means that there is common vMotion between physical machines and Storage vMotion to move disks without interruptions. DvSwitch networks are used with LACP connections for switches. There is set up automatily balancing of CPU resources and hardware failures. Storage balancing is handled manually. Capacity is continuously monitored and new hardware added as needed.

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