Image bank for PR Agencies

Get statistical insights to your customers

Manage all images and material and gain visual control of all your costumers' brands with an Image bank for PR agencies for quick and easy sharing and management
Image bank for PR Agencies

Get statistical insights to your customers

Manage all images and material and gain visual control of all your costumers' brands with an Image bank for PR agencies for quick and easy sharing and management
Selected features
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Kontainer - Image bank
Collect all your clients in one Image bank

Capture the uniqueness of each of your customers’ brands

Kontainer assists you in managing all your customers’ digital material and offers you all the tools you need. Most importantly, you’ll still be able to keep up with each of your customers’ individual tone of voice from one Kontainer, doing what you do best!
With Quick share you’ll be able to select, edit and share files by link, setting login permission or sending an email directly from Kontainer.
Use Kontainer to push customers’ material to social media, the press, influencers, for print etc. Give your customers access to upload and add data to their material directly in Kontainer, saving you time on gathering, managing and sharing customers press material.
Deliver measurable results

Statistics on download, user login & upload to your customers

Kontainer’s advanced statistics module allows you to trace user behavior, obtain download and upload statistics on each image or file, on folders or on a specific user or user group. Allowing you to supply your customers with a valuable insight to their product and performance.
Kontainer Image bank will support your strategic efforts and equip you with knowledge on each of your customers and the different initiatives taken on that customer.

All in One solution

Gathers all your important tools in one system

Kontainer is designed to assist you in your daily work. Our many built-in tools and features will help support your daily work.
One of these tools is our Crop & resize feature that allows you to edit, crop and resize images directly from Kontainer, without any other programs needed.
You’ll also be able to pin and send out collections of images and material to influencers, the press and others directly from Kontainer using the Collections feature.
With our Tag Management you’ll be able to tag images in a way that makes sense to you, and the search or filter files by that same tag. You can furthermore select files to create an autogenerated PDF file directly from Kontainer in less than 2 minutes.

"With Kontainer we’ve gained an overview of our images and a much higher degree of control over how individual images are used."

Selected features
Quick sharing & public links
Share files or entire folders in seconds with encrypted time-limited links that can be sent directly from Kontainer
Get detailed statistics on logins, downloads and user behavior and download as excel for documentation
User Permissions
Assign permissions at user or group level when sharing with e.g. the press
100% visual control
Customize Kontainer with your logo, colors and URL
SoMe – convert and post
Find, edit & post photos and media on social media directly from Kontainer
Crop & resize template
Pre-set size, quality & format of downloads
Create press kits & landingpages
Select files into collections for easy sharing and direct imagebank acces
File Preview
Preview +100 file formats with autogenerated thumbnails incl. videos
Customer upload
Save time when your customers can easily upload directly to Kontainer

"Kontainer is an invaluable tool for us to create an overview and ensure that all colleagues have the opportunity to stay up to date. Kontainer is easy to use and saves us a lot of time in our daily work."

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Get tips & tricks on:

Digital Showroom
Organization of images, video, files, logos, press releases, etc.
Kontainer - GDPR
GDPR-approved, secure and differentiated sharing with business partners, the press, agents, etc.
Kontainer - SoMe
Instagram and webshop export and crop tool
Kontainer - Integrations
Integration of images into CMS, B2B, ERP, PIM and email marketing systems

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