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Digital overview to all production companies

Kontainer uses a wide range of companies and industries. Kontainer supports efficient and professional presentation, exchange and archiving of images and files in all formats and sizes.

Kontainer delivers a professional presentation tool for product presentation on both publicly available websites and password-protected customer areas. So if you are, a large organization that deals widely or a private production company that has to keep production plans and development ideas close to the body, Kontainer delivers the solution that suits you.

Effective and professional file sharing

Kontainer delivers the framework for professional and efficient exchange of documents to customers, collaborators and press, so even large files in cumbersome formats arrive appropriately to the desired recipient. In addition, Kontainer is the obvious choice for efficient archiving of all the company’s important documents, images, video material, campaigns, etc. This way you can always find and share previous projects for further development, inspiration or presentation.

"Gubi wanted a system that could quickly service the press and our customers in regards to the demand for our product and project portfolios. Kontainer has helped minimize cumbersome mail exchange, where too heavy files can not be sent and received."