Fashion & Luxury brands

Kontainer is used daily by some of the largest players in the Danish fashion industry to archive, present and file PR material

With Kontainer, it is easy and straightforward to exchange and present, e.g., images and video material to resellers and agencies, as well as sharing relevant PR material with the press via an official press site. With individual password protection, you can present parts of the upcoming collection without fear of unprecedented leaks.

Online media bank for sketches, model catalogs, previous collections and much more

Kontainer also makes the work easier for the individual designer and the team around it, as Kontainer can be used as an online media bank, not just for promotional material, but also as an archive of designer sketches, inspirational material, previous collections, model catalogs and much more.

Integrable platform

Kontainer can be easily and quickly integrated with your own website and customized visually according to your logo and colors. Consequently, your customers will experience Kontainer as an integrated part of your digital platforms.

"Kontainer's image archive has given Bruuns Bazaar a clear and user-friendly image base. With Kontainer, we have a better overview and a far better control of when and how the individual images are used. This is due, to the simple way in which we are able to individualize what material should be available to the individual user. We also use Kontainer on a daily basis, in order to quickly and easy generate contact sheets, pdf files and slideshows of a featured image material that we use for the press & customers. Kontainer is a very professional and efficient tool in our daily lives."