5 signs showing that your business needs a DAM system

Files laying around, nobody knows where the right versions of the media are, colleagues who are all working on the same project, but not very productive. Do you know about these scenarios? Then you may need a DAM system. Read on here to learn more…

Today, companies work with more and more different media (files, images, video, etc.). This means that it becomes more difficult to keep track of everything, your work structured and not forget elements on the go. Digital Asset Management systems are playing an increasingly important role in many companies’ IT department, and here are some signs that you might also be needing a DAM.


1) Your files, pictures and videos are all over the place

It’s always hard to find your media when they are not well organized. It is one of the first signs that you need a DAM system.

There are many excuses for not getting started: You don’t have the right set up, your IT department needs to approve new systems and it takes a lot of time to get started.

But in fact, it does not require the IT department, a long time and is not compiclated. The vast majority of DAM systems are cloud-based, offer good onboarding and help you get started, so you don’t have to worry about the heavy work of implementing the system.


2) You can never find the file you are looking for

You probably have a lot of files that you work with, and finding exactly the file you need can seem like an unachievable and time consuming task. If all your files are collected in a DAM system, you can easily find the files you are looking for through Collections, tags, size, etc.


3) Many of your media needs to be shared, quickly and easily

Having to send pictures back and forth between colleagues quickly becomes an annoying task and is in fact also consumes a lot of valuable time. With a DAM system, your entire department has access to the material relevant to the individual work areas. Furthermore, it is easy to share a single document, folder, or entire Collection by giving permissions or sending an email directly from the system, through premade templates.


4) Many people are involved in the same project

From project-leader to graphic-designers, getting everyone updated on the latest changes/versions can be a challenge. With a DAM system, you can create users that you can share media with in real time, without being in the same place.


5) Customize your workspace

Having your logo, a custom login page and your brand’s colors in a DAM system from which you can share your media can be pretty cool, right? DAM systems allow you to play with some visual settings to help you show your business identity.


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