Security for GDPR approved file sharing
Kontainer & GDPR

GDPR compliant Image bank to assure your security

Kontainer is GDPR compliant with an ISAE 3402 certification that sets high standards for the security of your files, including: GDPR-approved hosting, advanced rights management and consent management
Kontainer & GDPR

GDPR compliant Image bank to assure your security

Kontainer is GDPR compliant with an ISAE 3402 certification that sets high standards for the security of your files, including: GDPR-approved hosting, advanced rights management and consent management

Create powerful communication with Kontainer - without worries

With the MediaConsent extension to Kontainer, you will become GDPR compliant in your image management. The system helps you create users, tag them in photos and scan your image archive to find peoples in photos with auto-match and person tagging.
With the simple rights management you can specify what media files may be used for, and when the consent expires. Then you will be automatically notified when consent expires, and with the advanced search in Kontainer, you can search for a specific purpose for the image usage, and then the user will only see the images that may be used for this purpose.

GDPR complience on mediafiles

Gain peace of mind when you are in control of consent and GDPR

MediaConsent provides you with the best tools to easily become GDPR compliant in your image management.
Our app ensures that you can get consent for photos already when the photos are taken at a photo shoot or event.
The system can collect, renew, bind and store consent declarations, both as PDFs, in paper format and digitally created consents with our templates. With this extension, you can easily log where you have used your pictures and video, and easily recall them and replace them with new files if the consent expires or is withdrawn.
Kontainer - SoMe

Image handling cf. GDPR

Kontainer allows you to track and log which of your images and files are used on which sites. This is done via an integration to your CMS. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity for date managed notifications and deletion management, so you're notified or that images and files are automatically replaced with new ones when the consent expires.
Kontainer - Staticstics

Track download statistics

With Kontainer you get the complete overview of your users' behavior. You get the opportunity to view user-level login data as well as track downloads down to file level. All logs can also be downloaded for reporting according to your needs. In addition, we offer specific statistics, description, comments and consent binding at file level.

User Rights & GDPR

All new Kontainer users are required to accept GDPR terms. As an administrator of your Kontainer, you have the opportunity to have full control over user access and folder level privileges as well as ensure limited access for users right down to the file level. Furthermore, you'll be able to ensure that users are automatically deleted if they leave the company, with an AD integration,

“At Enemærke & Petersen we use Kontainer, as a tender portal in the bidding process, and as an active image bank. We use Kontainer as an active tool in daily processes. It has created value for us that the image bank can cooperate with our Adobe programs directly from the cloud.”

Kontainer - GDPR

ISAE 3402 statement is provided

At Kontainer we have an ISAE 3402 auditor's statement made by PWC in accordance with the GDPR. The statement can be provided on request so that our customers always have security for their data.
Hosting & Performance

What is a GDPR Compliant Environment?

At Kontainer, we make sure that all your files are stored in a GDPR compliant environment. This means that all your files are hosted in a secure environment within the EU, in two different data centers with a redundant environment.
Kontainer - Security & Backup

Data Processing Agreement

Kontainer is your assurance that your files are always stored in a GDPR compliant environment. We understand that data security is essential to you and has therefore described how we protect your data.

How Kontainer works to secure you data & to stay GDPR compliant

At Kontainer we have worked hard to become compliant to the GDPR legislation. On this page you’ll find information on our process and our different initiatives devoted to GDPR and security in general.

At Kontainer our main focus is to keep your data safe. That’s why we always identify personal data, and the purpose of the data processing. This process is to keep focus on the purpose of the data collection, how it’s used and to live up to the high demands of transparency in the data collection process.

The main purpose of the GDPR legislation is to give you, as an individual, the right to access, change, export and delete your data at all times. At Kontainer we’re always available if you have any questions regarding your data. Contact us at tel. +45 3311 2003.

Furthermore we’ve implemented procedures to assure a certain level of security in regard to data privacy, e.g. encryption and anonymization of all personal data.

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Kontainer - GDPR
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