Custommade solution means less wasted time

At Kontainer we have worked closely with our customers for many years to develop versions of the system tailored to the individual company. For our customer for many years, the construction company Enemærke & Petersen, has experienced more time in everyday life, with a customized Digital Asset Management system (DAM system) that suits them perfectly!

Customized DAM for the architectural and construction industry

Businesses are very different, so the solutions should also be. In the case of Enemærke & ​​Petersen, it was necessary to be able to access all their files and folders from the Kontainer system locally on their computers. Specifically, the solution means that Enemærke & Petersen has been able to work with images in programs like InDesign directly from Kontainer. This means, among other things, that a lot of redundant and time-consuming processes have been cut away, as Enemærke & Petersen no longer needs to download images prior to the work in InDesign.

As a side win, the new DAM solution enabled Enemærke & Petersen to access images locally in Office applications and other applications they had to work with.