Kontainer wants to be the best DAM system in the market

December 1, 2018, the new version of Scandinavia’s leading DAM system Kontainer is launched. 

Kontainer is already the optimal tool for companies wishing to organize photos, logos, videos, etc. at one single place – as well as ensuring that their assets can easily be shared intentionally and remotely as a professional and secure B2B alternative to Dropbox. But with the new version, Kontainer becomes much more than that;

Our goal is to create the best DAM system on the market. Through custommade functionality and integrations for CMS, ERP and communication systems, we ensure that Kontainer supports our customers’ business processes and KPIs optimally.” Says Jesper Sandberg, CEO at Kontainer A/S.

Some of the improvements in the new version include:

  • New, modern and more user-friendly design.
  • Optimized workflows with drag n ‘drop, big slideshow etc.
  • New QuickShare sharing function for dealers, the press and internally between departments.

Industry-specific features and integrations

Over the next couple of months, there will be full speed on the development of industry-specific features and clever integrations for CMS systems and industry-specific systems that support the companies’ use of digital assets across channels and platforms.

This will in the future provide customers with assurance that the correct version of the customer’s logo, product images and brand files will be used on other platforms, including apps, CMS, CRM, Office suite and ERP systems.

Over 350 customers have already chosen Kontainer

Kontainer has existed for over 15 years and has over 350 happy customers who regularly use Kontainer as a cost effective and time saving tool for file sharing, image archive and brand guide distribution to dealers, partners, press and internally between departments. The following features already available today will also be available in the new version, but with brand new and optimized design and usability.

  • Flexible categorization and advanced search
  • Picture, video and audio editing tools
  • Digital showroom and presentation tool
  • Download formats for example. social media, powerpoint etc.
  • Collection and favorite features
  • Share files or entire folders in seconds
  • Advanced rights management and statistics

Customers are involved in development

If you as a customer at Kontainer want to contribute to the development of the industry-specific features, you are welcome. Specifically, this means that you will be included in one of the 9 industry-specific teams. The role of the teams is to help develop a roadmap for the development of custommade functionality for the industry concerned. The team must ensure that functionality supports the industry’s touchpoints, industry-specific systems and workflows as best as possible. In addition, it is ensured that display and handling of industry-specific file formats, photo presentations and other material can be used optimally in Kontainer.