Online archive and secure file sharing

Secure and GDPR compliant file sharing service hosted in Denmark

Some companies have many years of experience in using FTP as a file management tool, where others have switched to various free programs like Dropbox, YouSendIt and WeTransfer. In Kontainer, you get a custommade, modern and professional file sharing and file management system. Kontainer helps you make sure that customers and collaborators get easy and direct access to relevant images and files, in a user-friendly system that you’re directly sending to.

User-friendly file sharing

When images, videos and other files are archived in Kontainer, an automatic preview is generated. The preview allows the recipient to view the files in a clear and user-friendly overview before the downloads, regardless of the file type.

Kontainer also allows you to email files and encrypted links directly from the system. In that way the recipient can click on the link in the email and immediately be directed to that folder in the  Kontainer system without logging in.

Easy and fast sharing

In seconds, you can create and set permissions for a new user. Once the user logs into your Kontainer, the user will only be able to see the files you specified that they are entitled to.