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Secure file management & sharing

Secure, password-protected digital asset management for case documentation, storage, archiving, sharing and organizing of your files

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Secure, password protected & GDPR compliant file archive and sharing

Kontainer is a password-protected area where you can store, archive, share and organize all your files, including: images, videos, logos and other large files safely and without risk of leaks.

Secure file sharing

Customized integrations for your systems

At Kontainer we offer to integrate the Kontainer system with the systems you already work in. Consequently, Kontainer is not just an integral part of your workday and workflow, but it is time-saving and can serve as a tool that supports a simplified workflow. in your business.

Kontainer - GDPR

GDPR-approved security

Kontainer is GDPR compliant, which means that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Kontainer is the safe alternative to services like Dropbox, including 80 days recovery opportunity.
Kontainer - Tablet & Mobile

Always available

Kontainer is a cloud-based digital asset management system. This means that with our mobile and tablet version you always have Kontainer with you.
Kontainer - Integrations

Possibility of integrations

Kontainer is designed to support your workflows as much as possible. Therefore, we have many years of experience in developing integrations for CMS, CRM, ERP, apps or other communication and resource systems.
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Get guidance & support on your Kontainer

You’re always welcome to contact us to get support on either your existing Kontainer or to talk about which possibilities Kontainer provides for you. We’re here to help!

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"Kontainer is a very secure system. Many of our clients work behind security walls that are tight for network and file sharing, but here Kontainer works. "

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Kontainer - GDPR
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Kontainer - Integrations
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